WPS judging panel

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Creating space for the up and coming, our 2021 WPS Awards judging panel represents industry- leading photographers who have built their businesses from the ground up. Award-winning wedding photographers and educators, their dedication to the community has earned them much-deserved respect and recognition.

Your well loved icons from the photography industry

India Earl

India Earl has been a photographer for 12 years with an emphasis on couples and telling their stories honestly and holistically. She doesn’t just believe in capturing beautiful images but also creating memorable journeys for her couples, by prioritising and serving them at every point of their experience working with her.

Over the past 6 years, India has also established herself as an educator in the portrait photography industry, empowering creatives to build businesses and deliver work they are proud of, encouraging abundance and passion in all they do.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, she can usually be found in the red rock desert or mountains with her dogs and chickens.


No stranger to the industry, Jai Long is a business coach, serial entrepreneur, wedding photographer and travels worldwide for public speaking events. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Jai is also the host of the Wedding Photography Summit and the wildly popular podcast ‘Make Your Break’ for creative entrepreneurs.

Through his online course ‘Jai Long’s Six-Figure Business Map’, he provides invaluable education for photographers and videographers across all niches, empowering them to set the right foundations for a thriving business with predictable income.

Not one to twiddle his thumbs, you’ll often find Jai listening to his favourite audiobooks, spinning records, or hanging out in nature with his wife Leelou and their fur child Pippi.


Serving love across Mexico and internationally, Fer Juaristi is one of the world’s leading wedding photographers. Changing history to live his passion and nurture his purpose, he devoted himself to photography, evolving along the way. Erasing the line between art and wedding photography, his experimental approach has seen him earn an impressive list of awards.

Fer has also since become an educator, offering oneon- one mentoring for other photographers and designing presets with his creative finesse.

A husband and father of three, his dream is to help his children find their own voice. Outside of photography, Fer loves playing indie video games and listening to his favourite music including Dave Matthews, Low Road, and John Butler Trio, to name a few.


Based in Utah, Cara Mia is a destination wedding photographer, creating art all over the world. Craving the unpredictable, she is always on the hunt for new perspectives and ways of doing things. Cara discovered early on that she creates her best work when she’s outside of her creative comfort zone, setting personal challenges at every shoot she does.

She also offers mentoring for those seeking to learn and develop, as well as hosting multiple content workshops across the world. Her goal is to empower other creatives to take risks and find their unique voice as artists and storytellers.