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Celebrating you and your evolving art

Memorialising the unabashed love that connects us all as humans, your craft is a gift. Creating art from the heart, you capture moments of deep connection, turning evanescent celebrations into lifelong reminiscences. A boundless adventure, where passion meets imagination, this is your story.

The wedding photography industry is always changing, creating space for visionaries to thrive. Inspiring one another, we learn and grow as one. Because together, we can progress and discover new ways to better serve our clients while expanding your own horizons.

This is how the wps awards came to be

Brought to you by the team behind the world’s biggest workshop for like-minded photographers, the Wedding Photography Summit, our overarching goal is to honour and give back to the community that’s shaped us. An opportunity to recognise your one-of-a-kind eye and promote mutual respect, we’re here to celebrate you.

Keeping it authentic and free of cliches, we’re all about empowering community over competition. Uniting over creative tenacity and game-changing innovation, your talent is seen, heard, and valued. Whether you’re breaking ground as a rising star or a wellloved icon, we would be honoured to reward your dedication.


Often caught up in the everyday hustle, it’s incredibly important that we’re not just supporting our industry, but also the wider community. While many of us have experienced our share of tough times, there are many who are also quietly hurting behind closed doors.

Extending the love and respect we have for one another beyond our creative circle, we want to spread awareness and do our bit for those who are suffering undeserved hardship and distress.

This year, we will be donating all profits to charities against domestic and family violence.

Worsening already heartbreaking situations, with new victims requesting support, domestic violence reports have soared since COVID-19. The thought of thousands of victims across the world who are currently experiencing the unspeakable is terrifying in itself.

This is why we’ve chosen to donate all profits from the 2021 WPS Awards to

If you are a victim of family/domestic violence, please speak up and reach out. Find your local support service and seek help. Enough is enough, don’t prolong your pain in silence.
You are worthy, you are loved.

Thanks to you, we raised a total of $10,950 USD

Futures Without Violence

Berry Street

The WPS Awards recognises wedding photography talent across eight versatile categories. Ranging from film photography to epic locational captures, you can submit your photos across multiple categories to go in the running.

Your submission/s will be reviewed by award-winning photographers as well as community- based voting. This is a brilliant opportunity for you to get your work in front of industry icons and nominate your peers.

All shortlisted nominees and winners will receive a coveted media pack to amplify your credentials on your digital and print collateral. Official winners of the WPS Awards will also receive a timeless plaque to add to your mantelpiece collection.

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